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About Us


The clinic Guajardo is a health center established to offer chiropractic treatments for the whole family. Our mission in today's health system is very clear. We feel that it is our responsibility as head doctors to provide the chiropractic care necessary to eliminate pain and suffering. Accidents happen on a daily basis and are often unavoidable. It is our to think that no human being deserves the pain caused by these inopportune events. We share the opinion that life is a precious gift that should be celebrated and enjoyed without pain.

Our Doctors:

Jose Rolando Guajardo, B.S.D.C.u200b Mitchell A. Mckean, B.S.D.C. Yesenia Sepulveda, D.C.


Trust your health in Guajardo Clinics

Do not take risks with your health. Our doctors will give you a treatment plan that is easy to understand and follow. We help you to live a full life without pain and in good health. We help you correct your posture and teach you how to change your movement habits to prevent injuries to your back, muscles, nerves and joints.


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